Thank you for coming here. I am a composer since I was a teenager. And started weighting songs for my band and now I am become a composer for Universal, UFA Fiction and Ravenred for example. My music is used in TV and Cinema movies. Her is a link to soundcloud where you can find my music.


YOUR SONG– an extraordinary gift.
Give your loved ones a personal and unique song as a birthday or wedding gift, or for another occasion.


This could be your song:

  • A known title recorded by you in a sound studio.
  • A known title with a new text recorded by you or a professional singer in a sound studio.
  • An available but not yet released KlangArt production, recorded by you.
  • A new title with its own melody and text conceived partially or entirely by you and recorded in a sound studio. You choose the genre.

We will assist you with whatever is missing.
You receive your produced song as a CD / DVD. It can also be combined as a video with photo or video material of your choice or with clips taken during recording.


You want to give someone something special?
Get in touch with us.




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